Cookies with a Cause

Ending Human Trafficking One Dozen at a Time


We’ve been passionate about helping end human trafficking ever since we became aware of its existence.  That’s why 10% of all our profits from Food & Courage go directly to organizations focused on ending this global crisis like Thorn.  

The drive behind our brand has always been to be a part of a cause that is bigger than ourselves. This is our way of being part of something that can have a direct impact in helping make people’s lives better.

Ingredients on their own aren’t much, but just as different elements come together to form a cookie, we come together to end a global epidemic. It might just be a little flour and sugar, but every bit helps save one more life —and you get to enjoy your delicious cookies, knowing that with each bite, you’re helping put an end to human trafficking.


Shaved Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Sprinkled with Maldon Salt Flakes

These artisanal chocolate chunk cookies are hand crafted in small batches and baked to perfection with love and tenderness. The finest ingredients are chosen and blended together for the perfect cookie. Each cookie is freshly baked and sprinkled with Maldon Salt flakes for an extra touch of extravagance that elevates your cookie eating experience. If that weren't enough, each dozen of Food & Courage cookies is packed with a specialized note of encouragement and thanks. 

Shave Chocolate.jpg

Note from our Founder

Thank you for joining in our cause. I believe having courage is vital for every success. It takes courage to do things well – to be humble, faithful, brave, understanding, kind, or loving. It takes courage to be ourselves – to be creative and vulnerable about who we are and what we take pride in making.

It takes courage to chase greater things and courage to change the status quo. It is this courage that calls me to take a stand against injustice and empowers me to speak out.

For me, being courageous means living in the sometimes uncomfortable pursuit of growth and self-discovery. I encourage you to discover and follow whatever gives you courage, and I would love to have you join me on my journey of Food & Courage.

Love and thanks, 

These cookies are unlike anything you’ve ever had before. They’re perfectly delicious to the last bite and practically addicting. Love the cookies, the hands that made them, and the cause they support.
— Samantha Lind
5/5 Stars. Would recommend to everyone. Plus there’s no reason to feel bad about eating the whole dozen since it’s for a good cause.
— Tyler Steinke
These cookies are perfect for team and work events. Everyone in the office loves the cookies (and me) when I bring them in to share. Everyone thinks the cause is awesome!
— Megan Washam


San Francisco, CA